Choosing the right footwear can be a bit tricky. It’s not like men who may only have 2 to 3 sets of footwear and they are good to go. Women have it harder but you would have to admit that it is actually more fun. The choices are there whether to actually make things better or worse depending on the perspective. There are of course certain factors that you may have to consider prior to making a choice (or a purchase perhaps):

Sweet Spot between Function and Style

This is relatively hard to figure out specially if you are required to dress up in business casual at work. If you would have to wear it every single day then you need to choose something that you could live with the entire day. Remember that wearing heels can be risky and it can really hurt but wearing flats may seem too casual.

Pantsuit or Skirt?

Decide on this first before you make your choice on a pair of shoes. Sandals can work well for both and even closed shoes can still work for both but if you decide to wear something like stockings then sandals should be out of the question. If you are gunning for business casual you may want to avoid strappy sandals. They may be uncomfortable if worn for too long and they won’t work very well with pantsuits.


Business casuals may be a bit too tricky if you go for something too light of a shade. The safest way to go is to go back or gray. This way you can also limit your shoes to black. If you have a certain color though for a uniform then you may have to look into having a more flexible color for your shoes. The second best choice from black would then have to be brown or beige.

Close or open?

This call is more of how neat your toes are. If you are permitted to wear either way, then you may have to look into how clean your pedicure is. You may also have to look into the nail color that you have chosen. If you want your look in the workplace to be impeccable then you should coordinate your nail color with your whole outfit. This also calls for you to have a cleaner habit for your feet. If you are not that comfortable then you can also start with some peep toe shoes.

This may not really specify what you ought to choose on a specific color or specific cut of dress but do take note that this is a guide so you can start your own preference without making too big of a mistake. This is to ensure that you don’t really pay too much attention to style when you are sacrificing functionality and comfort. Allow yourself to explore on looks that you may not have tried. Feel free to check some mix and match on the internet to find one that will suit you. 

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